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Property Preservation and Maintenance Specialists



Securing the property in line with the client's requirements is done during the initial service call.

We cannot afford to waste time when you want to sell a property. UNPPG is committed to securing all REO properties during the initial services order. Apart from the fact that prompt securing of a property protects the property, prompt securing also gives realtors and appraisers a faster go ahead to perform their functions in finding a buyer for the property.

It is standard practice when a property is being secured to change the locks on all doors, all deadbolts and key them according to the specifications of the client. In addition, all the sheds and outbuildings will have new padlocks while the pool area is secured with a new padlock placed on the fence surrounding the pool. More so, we will install a lockbox that has functional keys inside so that the people (realtors, inspectors and contractors) who have legitimate reasons to be on the property can easily gain entry. In line with FHA standards, UNPPG may board open crawlspaces, broken doors and broken windows.