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Property Preservation and Maintenance Specialists


Pool Maintenance

Our continuous maintenance requires that we regularly evaluate and maintain pools for safety.

Apart from the fact that an unmaintained pool is a turnoff to prospective buyers, it could also be dangerous and make you liable. Therefore the contractor will padlock the gate on the pool fence in order prevent unauthorized people from accessing the pool. However, if the pool has a broken fence or if it lacks a fence, this condition will be reported immediately and UNPPG will contact the client for directives on how the situation should be handled. It is standard practice to take bids to drain and remove aboveground pools. Conversely, UNPPG will place a bid to secure in-ground pools with a covering.

We also offer cleaning and maintenance service for pools that that are deemed highlights of a properties if the client requires such a service. The proper maintenance of such pools can significantly increase the value of the property. UNPPG's pool maintenance service also includes the initial clean up, power washing and filling the pool with fresh water. UNPPG has a working relationship with local pool service companies to ensure that the cleanliness and chemical balance of pools are regularly maintained.