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Property Preservation and Maintenance Specialists


Monthly Marketability Checks

Monthly marketability checks are done to keep the property in top shape in order to maintain its marketability.

Regular cleaning is essential for REO properties just as it is for occupied homes. The movement of realtors, brokers, contractors, and potential buyers in and out of the property requires that the house be regularly tidied to get rid of cobwebs, debris and dust. Most clients order monthly marketability checks to maintain the cleanliness and attractiveness of their properties. Contractors do not just wander around the property on marketability checks; they are given a checklist that details the tasks expected of them. The checklist requires the contractor among other things to wipe down switches, light fixtures, outlet covers, vents, baseboards and air ducts. Toilets and sinks are cleaned; kitchen and bathroom counters, drawers and cabinets are wiped down. Foul odors are eliminated from the property by placing air-fresheners in strategic locations in the house. More so, dead batteries in alarms and smoke detectors are removed and light bulbs that are not working are removed. UNPPG contractors are fully equipped to perform their duties on properties irrespective of whether utilities are available or otherwise.