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Property Preservation and Maintenance Specialists


Interior and Exterior Enhancements and Repairs

Interior and Exterior augmentations improve the total look of a property both on the inside and on the outside.

After lawn maintenance, debris removal and repairs have been done, cosmetic improvements may be needed on some properties before their maximum potential is realized. We conduct all augmentation and repairs on a pre-agreed pricing model in order to increase the appeal and value of a property.

The interior of the property is given a facelift with painting, new flooring, appliances and new plumbing fitting, molding and baseboards are installed where necessary. On the outside, UNPPG also offer painting, pressure washing and door and screen replacement services in addition to our landscaping package.

Where necessary, UNPPG consults with listing agents who will recommend some services to clients in order to ensure that they are ordering the specific services that will have significant impact on increasing the value, attractiveness, and marketability of the real estate.