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Property Preservation and Maintenance Specialists



Q: As a servicer of REO assets who will like to use your preservation services, how can I reach UNPPG for more information on how to become a client?

A: We appreciate your interest in using our services at UNPPG! Please contact us when it is convenient for you and someone from our marketing team will get back to you. We earnestly hope to have you on board so that we can impress you with the quality of our services.

Q: I want to become an UNPPG contractor, how do I go about it?

A: Filling out an online application is the first step in UNPPG's screening and interview process for every new vendor. After the completion and submission of your application, a team of recruiters who work with UNPPG's vendors will review it to ascertain if we need a vendor in your area and if you satisfy our requirements. If we have a need in your area and you satisfy our requirements, you will be contacted and a phone interview will be conducted. You will also be given more information on the other processes when you are contacted. You should note that there is no guarantee that all applicants will be contacted because of the high number of applications that we receive every week.

Q: How will UNPPG know they have a coverage need in my area?

A: UNPPG knows the exact zones where vendors are needed. The location of your field office helps us to know if you fall into a zone where we need a vendor or not.

Q: If I am not located in a zone where there is a need, what will be the next line of action?

A: If we cannot find a coverage need in your zone, we will keep your application filed in case a need arises in your location in the future.

Q: Is insurance necessary when working with UNPPG?

A: Absolutely. We require that you have a Full General Liability and Omissions insurance cover before you can partner with UNPPG.