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Property Preservation and Maintenance Specialists


Debris Removal and Maid Services

Debris removal and general house cleaning services make the house appealing to potential buyers.

First impressions last longer and homebuyers rarely give filthy properties the benefit of the doubt. UNPPG makes the house clean and attractive such that potential buyers can picture themselves occupying the property. All the rubbish both on the inside and outside of the property are removed in line with the client's requirements. For personal items, contractors provide a bid that will require them to store such personal effects for 30 days, still in the line with the client's requirement. As a rule, UNPPG seldom starts debris removal until the issue of personal effects has been settled.

The house is then given a total cleaning after the debris has been removed. As part of the contractor's cleaning routine: all hard surface floors are mopped, carpets are vacuumed, all baseboards, outlet covers and light switches are wiped, ducts and vents are wiped, cobwebs are removed, sinks and toilets are cleaned, drawers, cabinet, kitchen and bathroom counters are cleaned, and non-washable dirty window covers are removed.