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Property Preservation and Maintenance Specialists


Quality Assurance

UNPPG has a commitment to the consistent delivery of high-quality services in the industry.

UNPPG's dynamic workforce and network of vendors for inspections and maintenance are given in-depth training, continuous education and evaluation to ensure that they do not derail from UNPPG's standard practices, industry standards and the requirements that are specific to each client.

UNPPG has a program in which vendors are required to show their skills and performance as part of the credentialing process. The process is created to test their capacity to carry out their functions in compliance with UNPPG's standard practices, industry standards and requirements that are specific to each of our different clients.

We also offer our vendors regular workshops and online training to keep then abreast of changes to requirements and guidelines in their industries. We also require our vendors to make their crews available for these workshops and trainings. As part of our quality assurance, we saddle a vendor management team with the responsibility of conducting field checks on vendors in order to evaluate the quality of work being done and to ensure standardization and accountability. We use the reports from the field quality checks to encourage and reinforce impressive performance and to correct deficiencies where necessary.

All members of our dynamic workforce at UNPPG are given a wide range of training for their optimal performance on tasks. We also evaluate and measure the performance of each employee to encourage, reinforce and share impressive performance and to detect areas where additional training might be necessary.