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We offer property inspections to portfolio holders across the following areas of the east coast:

If you’re a bank manager with a string of foreclosed properties to look after the last thing you want to be doing is leaving them to rot and decay. Property is a valuable asset; therefore it’s of paramount importance that all property is kept in the best possible condition so that when it’s put on the market, it commands the highest possible price. Leaving property empty and abandoned can lead to many problems – and if no one’s around to notice these problems, there’s no chance that they will be put right.

We can offer on-going property inspections for the duration of the time a property is up for sale, and we can also offer ad-hoc property inspections throughout your portfolio.

When a foreclosure has occurred and occupants have left the property, we’re able to send in a property inspector to assess what work needs to be completed on the property before it can be put up for sale. Priming a property for sale is not a straightforward task – getting everything in order can take months on end, and using local tradesmen to complete tasks like decorating can take a very long time. We understand the urgency of your situation which is why we’ll do our best to get your property in a suitable condition to be sold in as little time as possible.

If you’d like us to keep an eye on your property whilst it’s waiting to be sold then we can do that for you. We’ll keep a close eye on the premises and fix any issues that arise with it. Our property inspections come with a comprehensive report on the property itself so that any issues that could affect the value and sale price of the property are flagged up. It’s then up to you to decide whether we go ahead and put those problems right, or whether they’re left for the purchaser to rectify.

Our property inspections are held in high regard by our clients because they’re thorough – we leave no stone unturned which means that your property is inspected properly, ensuring any problems are flagged up immediately. Make sure you contact us today if you’re interested to hear more about the property inspections that we provide.

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